Big Red

“They call me Big Red, but my real name is Hanz. I have no idea how long I’ve been locked in this place, or even why I was brought here. What I do know is the reason that I’ll never be allowed to leave. At least once a week I commit a murder. I suppose I would be labelled as a serial killer if anybody knew that I was doing it. Fortunately nobody has realised that I am responsible.

“Not long after my first murder I thought the guards were onto me. I was in the yard with Rock and PC when they suddenly tackled me to the ground and dragged me into the air upside down. They beat me until blood poured out of my mouth in a constant stream. Just when it seemed that I would bleed out entirely I was slammed back into the ground and left with blood covering my face. I had to lick my own wounds until they decided that yard time was over. I thought that the darkness in my old cell was bad, but when they threw me into the Cooler instead I realised what Hell was like. Its constantly set to just above zero degrees and the lights turn on and off at random intervals, sometimes for only a second at a time. There’s no getting accustomed to anything in the Cooler.

“When they put me in the Cooler that first time I thought I would never come back out. But some nights I return to my old cell so I know that they have no clue what I am. At least I’m not one of the prisoners who never gets to leave the Cooler even for yard time. Some of them were put in there as soon as they arrived never to be looked at again.

“Even though they don’t suspect me the guards continue to single me out for daily beatings every time I enter the yard. As each day goes on I can feel myself fading away and losing weight, unable to recover from the continuous blood loss. It’s not a good sign of things to come.

“I can still remember the day that I arrived. I was told that I was going to be around for a long time and that my sentence would almost never end. It was traumatising because I had lived alongside my tribe since birth without ever causing any trouble. Then unexpectedly I was kidnapped and transported here with a group of people I had never seen before. Being hurled around without a care for our safety and bashing together at high speeds.

“Two of the men I met that day became my first two victims. Man Cans Sam and Coco. They were excessively cheery for what was happening and I couldn’t help but feel that something was going on. After a few weeks of snooping around in their shadow’s I made a shocking discovery. They were both getting courtyard time every morning while the rest of us were only released on certain nights. I let them get away with it for a while but when I discovered that when they got malnourished they would always come back full of life I snapped. I crept into their cells and crunched them to death, piece by piece. After that it was a landslide of cereal killing. I couldn’t help myself. Every time I wasn’t locked in the Cooler I would kill anyone who received special favours from the guards. Other than Man Cans Sam and Coco there were Iron Man, Snatch, Crack House and Piped. They were all unsuspecting victims but they had it coming. They were getting morning courtyard time everyday and were never put in the Cooler or subjected to unwarranted beatings.

“Whoa wait, I think that the guards are coming to get me. Oh, here we go its courtyard time. Upside down I go. Whack! There’s the first hit. Bam! There’s a couple more.

“After so long I just got used to it happening each day. But that’s strange, I’m not bleeding yet, I guess I do feel a little empty drained.”

“Hey Mum the Tomato Sauce is empty,” Billy said and threw the empty tomato sauce bottle across the room into the trash can.


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