To the best of my knowledge I am immortal.

That’s not to say that there aren’t other people in this world who are also immortal but millions of people have died in my lifetime compared to me not even dying once.

I’ve survived everything I’ve ever done and based on statistics I take risks every day. I drive a car which is one of the top ten causes of death behind disease and organ failure. And I use my organs every day and I’ve never had an issue with those.

This is obviously not a theory that I’ve discussed with anyone however. I may be immortal but I figure it would still be dangerous to have someone test that theory. I’m also pretty sure it would be illegal for them to try considering they would technically have to murder me to test the theory.

What I can do is live my life without fear. I’ve recently started taking up more and more dangerous pursuits as I come out of each day alive and unscathed. I’m not pushing the limits to have some kind of accident that will prove once and for all that I am immortal. I’m simply getting the most out of life and if that means riding motorcycles, shark diving, sky diving, rock climbing and every other activity that people generally associate with danger then so be it. I feel more alive than I ever did moping behind a desk and worrying about the minutiae of everyday life while balancing spreadsheets for a non-profit organisation. The only true non-profit was my happiness.

A friend of mine always used to say, “What if we only die because we believe that it is our destiny to do so and that we think we cannot live forever?” He was obviously referring to dying of old age in his equation because there are many unavoidable circumstances that kill people which would certainly kill them even if they wanted to believe they could keep living. I find it such an interesting point though, that I can’t help but to agree and its exactly what I’m basing my reasoning upon. I know it doesn’t explain my cavalier attitude towards life and that an accident would surely end my life no matter what. I am immortal after all and not invulnerable. The two usually are mutually exclusive and I’m not crazy enough to think I can’t be hurt. Because I have and I have the scars to prove it.

Another reason for why I’m pushing the boundaries is because although I am likely to live forever I feel that it isn’t the quantity of the days but rather the quality. I know I’m only twenty-two but if I were to die in an accident at least I’ll go doing something I’ve actually enjoyed. Better than spending the rest of my days sheltered just to prove that I am immortal by living longer than anyone has before me. I’d be just as likely to die by a freak accident living like that as I would living dangerously.

Come and find me again in a hundred years and you’ll see that I am in fact immortal. If you can’t find me and I’ve died well then I guess I wasn’t as infallible as I thought either.


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