I hardly even remember what country I’m in let alone what city. I’ve been on such an amazing drug high that I can’t even be sure if I even left Amsterdam. If I have moved on its too hard to tell. European cities all look alike.

Whatever I’ve been taking sent me on a wild ride.

But even that is nothing compared to this crazy shit.

I don’t even know how I got into this internet cafe. All I know is that when I tried to login to Facebook I found out that someone named James Grey had forgotten to log out. I was about to log out without screwing around when the message icon flashed up. I simply couldn’t resist.

The newest message caught my attention and I couldn’t help but scroll back to the start of the day’s conversation.


3:02 am Melanie Sturgess: James I need you right now!

3:03 am Melanie Sturgess: Come on james dont ignore the flashing notifications on your phone.

3:08 am Melanie Sturgess: Dammit james im not messing around this is serious!

3:15 am Melanie Sturgess: Fuck if you dont reply and help me sort this out we could lose everything.

3:30 am Melanie Sturgess: Youve left me no choice, i will have to deal with this myself.

5:43 am Melanie Sturgess: Im so sorry james i made everything worse. But i needed you to help me and i told you i couldnt fix this alone.

6:15 am James Grey: Melanie what have you done?

6:15 am Melanie Sturgess: Oh god James thank god!! where the hell have you been?

6:15am James Grey: I’ve been dealing with things and my phone was taken. Now tell me exactly what happened.

6:16 am Melanie Sturgess: i screwed up really badly.

6:16 am James Grey: I get that you think that, what I don’t understand is why.

6:18 am James Grey: Stop bloody typing for so long and tell me what happened.

6:19 am Melanie Sturgess: someone else found out that we took the jfk documents before they could be destroyed. the buyer must have leaked the information because suddenly at like 3 am megan and i started getting threats to hand them over or they would come for us. when i didnt hear from you i contacted them to tell them they had heard wrong and i had no idea what they were talking about. almost straight away some men broke into my house and i barely managed to get away. they must have been tracking my laptop or phone. i managed to take them with me but as soon as i fragged the drives i ditched them in the river. I searched for almost two hours before i found this burner. when i signed back into facebook i had a picture message from megan. they took her james

6:19 am Melanie Sturgess: they wanted the files by six or they said they would kill her. ive tried to contact them but i havent heard anything.

6:21 am James Grey: Where was she being held Mel? I can take the files to them right now.

6:22 am James Grey: Mel?

6:23 am Melanie Sturgess: sorry im telling them that youre bringing the files and not to hurt her.

6:23 am Melanie Sturgess: they said to take them to the old theatre near the Louvre.

6:23 am James Grey: Alright I’m on my way. I need you to meet me there.

6:23 am Melanie Sturgess: k

6:34 am Melanie Sturgess: they killed her! megan is dead!! dont give them anything. get out of there.


So it was Paris that I had found myself in and it was only 6:30 in the morning. What the hell was I doing coherent at such a time. More importantly what the hell where James and Melanie talking about? JFK documents and someone being kidnapped and killed.

I turned slowly and scanned the room to see if there was someone waiting to spring out and claim that it was all a prank. I was alone except for the clerk behind the counter who was leaning back in his chair with his eyes glazed over.

I turned back to the computer and moved the mouse towards the top right hand corner of the screen to log out of the Facebook account. Whatever was going on it really was none of my business. No matter how insane it all sounded. Before I could logout I saw the trending topics and the word JFK in one of them. I paused and read over the topic: CIA deny claims JFK assassination documents stolen days before declassification.

Oh fuck. That really was none of my business. I logged out quickly wanting to forget about seeing that as soon as I could. Which I found easy to accomplish by digging around in my pockets and finding a few pills of unknown origin. Without worrying about checking my own account I popped the pills and walked away from the computer.

Who needs social media or cares about the news when you are high off your face?


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