“Whenever the word scandal appears in the news everyone immediately thinks ‘What has Vincent Gregory done now?’. How do you deal with that kind of negative publicity when you’re trying to be the face of human-alien relations?”

“It’s certainly tough to deal with Andrew. You know I was never intending to do that, things just got way out of hand. I’m trying my best to focus on the issues both of our species are dealing with and put those events well behind me.”

“You say that you have put it all behind you but most of the time when people ask what has Vincent Gregory done, they’re asking the right question.”

“Look as I said I’m not denying what has happened in the past. Tonight I’m here to talk about human-alien relations and not whatever the general public thinks of me.”

“The most recent scandal bearing your name isn’t that far in the past Vincent. In fact there has been breaking news this morning that is quite damning for you.”

“There’s nothing that I have done that bears any necessity in being headline worthy news.”

“I think the public will disagree with you on that point once again Vincent. You see we have proof that not only did you kidnap that alien woman and imprison her in your basement for three years. But you fathered a child with her that you managed to keep hidden for the past five years.”


“Yes you see Vincent, when people ask what has Vincent Gregory done now the answer always seems to be something terrible. Is this just further explanation behind why the aliens would only allow you to be the liaison between our two species? Were you keeping that little girl locked away as a form of blackmail?”

“That’s absolute bullshit and you know it!”

“Please Mister Gregory watch your language, there could be children watching.”

“So there’s children watching you slander my name and make up ridiculous claims against me and I can’t even express myself.”

“You can refute the claims and we can have a reasonable conversation but there is no need to use obscene language or raise your voice in order to get your point across.”

“You expect me to remain calm when you have just accused me of kidnapping my own daughter and using her as blackmail.”

“So you are confirming that she is your daughter?”

“Yes, I suppose I am and the reason I kept her hidden was because I do not want her in the spotlight. She doesn’t deserve to be thrust into the news like her mother and forced to answer ridiculous questions like these. Neither my daughter or her mother were kept against their will.”

“Then how do you explain why the aliens insist on only dealing with you?”

“As I have said every time that I am asked that question. It is because Nehra trusted me and she was so disappointed in the way that both of us were treated that she convinced her people to only deal with me.”

“I suppose now that your daughter has been taken into custody and will be returned to her mother the truth will come out. If you really did earn this position as you say. Unless there is some other dark secret that you are hiding and wish to bring to light.”

“I have never hidden any deep dark secrets. You, the media, just assumed the worst when it came to me and it seems like that is always going to be the case. All I want – all I’ve ever wanted – was for our two species to get along.”

“It appears that until the aliens decide to make contact with another human and explain the truth you are always going to be seen in two entirely different lights depending on who is looking at you.”

“There’s that shining example of our justice system proving that innocent until proven guilty is just a saying.”

“The courts have never prosecuted you after you were acquitted of all charges. I would say that our justice system is defining proof that you are indeed innocent until proven guilty. It is only the public view that determines you might be hiding the truth.”

“That’s the problem Andrew. Public opinion can be far more damning on a man’s soul than the judgment of the courts.”

“That answers my opening question and is a good place to end this interview. Thank you Mr Gregory for your time and as always for your frank responses. As a journalist and on behalf of CNN I cannot comment, but as a man I believe you.”

“Thank you Andrew.”


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