Letter From A Lover

Just when Sophie thought she couldn’t handle it anymore the courier arrived. He handed her a white rose and an envelope. She placed the envelope aside as she took a long sniff of the rose. The strong aromatic scent instantly relaxed her mood but brought with it tears.

She carefully unwrapped the rose and swapped it with the single red rose that sat in the vase on her desk. The red rose was only a day old but was already lilting. She dropped it into the trash can and turned to the envelope. Again she brought it up to her face as she had done with the rose and inhaled deeply. A hint of his favourite cologne made her tears heavier.

She opened the envelope expecting to find a small cardboard card but instead found a folded letter.

A red rose had come every day but there had never been anything other than simple hand written notes to accompany them. As she unfolded the letter her tears streamed down her face. The handwriting was pristine and perfect. Like nothing had been wrong. He must have expended so much energy to exude that much control at the end.


My Sofa,


I can’t believe that this will have to be my last goodbye. I’ve given you a month more love than either of us could have hoped for but it still doesn’t feel like its enough. I wish I had the time remaining so that I could write a note for every day of the rest of your life. To tell you how much I love you. Actually I wish that I could be with you for every one of those days and show you how much I love you instead.

Even then I don’t think I could truly express the happiness and joy you have made me feel since the moment I met you. I know that after this letter I won’t have the energy to do either. I’m sorry.

For all that you’ve given me you deserve to be showered in more love than I could give you. That’s why I need you to pick yourself up and find the space in your heart to let someone else in. We had our journey together and filled each other’s lives with love. But I know that there is someone else who can love you as deeply and madly as I have. From the smile that is on your face the moment you wake up, to your love for corny puns. You are the most lovable woman in the world and I feel grateful to have been loved by you as strongly as I loved you.


For every rose in the ground and for every star in the sky I can find a million reasons why I loved you. Never stop smiling and everyone else will find those same reasons.


I don’t think I could ever say it enough. I love you Sophie xoxoxo


P.S. I made sure the Netflix account will always remain active for you.

Sophie broke down so many times reading the letter that it took her a long time to get through it all. She read the words over and over and found it very hard to not let her tears ruin the page.


The next day Sophie felt the strongest she had since the day he had left. It wasn’t until the afternoon that she realised the courier hadn’t come to deliver a rose and a note. At first she was disappointed that it had come to an end. But eventually she realised that it was for the best that she could move on with her life. He had done more than she ever could have expected by helping her deal with the grief of his loss even after he was gone.


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